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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of properties do you manage?
    We manage a variety of properties, including residential flats, Houses of Multiple Occupation, Guest Houses and Service Accommodation units. Our portfolio includes properties generally suited for working professionals.
  • Who are Essential Property Options?
    A combined 45 years in the business Founders Paul Samuda & Amanda Woodward have 45 combined years of experience in the business of UK Property Investment, Development & Management. ​ Through our companies, we hold a portfolio of residential and commercial property across the UK ranging from terrace houses to larger developments and in recent years have moved into the acquisition and management of service accommodation and hotels. ​ Our experience affords us the pleasure of woking with investors and partners, local authorities and large organisations alongside training and coaching other like minded business owners to do the same. ​ We look forward to speaking with you and meeting with you, to see how we can help you in the business of UK Property. ​
  • What areas do you serve?
    We specialise in property management in Stoke on Trent, Newcastle Under Lyme, Crewe, Birmingham, Derby, and Burton on Trent. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of these diverse markets.
  • How can I view available properties?
    You can view all available properties by visiting the "Properties" section of our website. Each listing includes detailed information, photos, and viewing instructions. Or visit our websites directly
  • How do you handle property maintenance requests?
    Tenants can submit maintenance requests directly through an App, WhatsApp or via our dedicated phone line. We prioritise urgent requests and ensure all issues are addressed promptly by qualified professionals.
  • Do you provide services for property owners or landlords?
    Yes, we provide full-service management for property owners and landlords, which includes tenant placement, rent collection, maintenance, design, project management, advisory and more to ensure your property is well-managed and profitable.
  • What property management services do you offer?
    We offer comprehensive property management services, including tenant screening, rental management, maintenance, renovations, cleaning and financial reporting.
  • How do you handle tenant complaints or issues?
    Swift, fair resolution is our mantra. Whether it's a faulty appliance, heating issue, or neighbor dispute, we have processes. Our 24/7 line and in-house team handle most issues same-day. For complex cases, we mediate professionally.
  • What is the process for paying rent?
    Rent can be paid online through our secure portal, which accepts various payment methods including direct debit, credit card, and bank transfer. We do not accept cash
  • How do I apply for a rental property?
    Prospective tenants can apply directly or via websites where we are listed for the property they are interested in. We require a completed application form, proof of income, and previous landlord references.
  • Who do I contact in case of an emergency?
    For emergencies that require immediate attention, please contact our emergency line provided in your tenant handbook. For all other inquiries, the regular contact methods available on our website apply.
  • Can I access reports on my property’s performance?
    Our property owners receive monthly financial reports and regular performance updates
  • Is there an initial fee to register my property with you?
    Yes there is an initial set up fee, which can be waived depending on the management package chosen. Our fees are structured as a percentage of the rental income, which we discuss during our initial meeting.
  • How quickly can you fill my property?
    Our advanced marketing strategies and vast network typically fill properties within 4-5 weeks. However, with our connections to corporate clients, charities, and professional groups, we often secure full occupancy even faster. Our record is a same-day full-house booking, showcasing our market reach and efficiency.
  • How do you minimize void periods?
    It's a multi-faceted approach. First, quality properties and service retain tenants longer. Second, our marketing starts the moment notice is given. Third, our flexible contracts let us pivot - if HMO demand dips, we might secure a short-term corporate let.
  • What makes Essential Property Options different from other property management companies?
    We focus on personalised service, local expertise, and technology-driven solutions to provide exceptional management services. Our commitment to affordable and high-quality accommodation sets us apart in the competitive UK property market.
  • How much can I earn from my HMO?
    Earnings vary based on room types and local market dynamics. Typically, ensuite rooms command £500-£550, doubles £450-£475, and singles £375-£395 monthly. With our expertise, a 4-bed HMO can generate £1,800-£2,000 monthly. Our strategic management and high occupancy rates (85-92% annually) mean your investment yields are optimized year-round.
  • Do you use smart meters and thermostats?
    Yes, we're tech-forward. Smart meters provide real-time data, helping us spot inefficiencies instantly. Smart thermostats allow zone control, reducing wasted heating. These technologies cut bills by 15-25%, appeal to eco-conscious tenants, and future-proof your investment against energy regulations.
  • Can you handle properties with existing tenants?
    Yes, we can take over the management of properties with existing tenants and ensure a smooth transition.
  • What types of properties do you manage?
    We specialize in Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs), primarily for working professionals. Our portfolio includes properties ranging from 3 to 6 bedrooms, often featuring a mix of ensuite and shared bathroom facilities. We excel in maximizing the potential of these properties, ensuring high occupancy and profitability for landlords while providing quality living spaces for tenants.
  • What documents do I need to provide to begin services?
    We require property deeds, proof of insurance, your identification, and any existing tenant agreements.
  • Do you offer guaranteed rent?
    Instead of guaranteed rent, we offer something more valuable: consistently high occupancy rates (85-92% annually) achieved through expert market knowledge, targeted marketing, and excellent tenant relations. This approach maximizes your long-term returns and property value, rather than settling for a flat, potentially undervalued guaranteed rate.
  • What are your management fees?
    Our tiered management packages range from 15% to 20% + VAT, tailored to your needs. Our most popular 17.5% + VAT package includes comprehensive utility management, ideal for overseas or hands-off landlords. This fee covers everything from tenant sourcing and legal compliance to 24/7 maintenance, ensuring a stress-free, profitable investment.
  • How do you determine the rental price for my property?
    We conduct a detailed market analysis to set competitive rental prices, ensuring maximum occupancy and optimal return on your investment. We assess the size of rooms, facilities included, décor and location for final pricing assessment
  • Can you provide a video walkthrough of properties?
    Absolutely. Our professional marketing team creates high-quality photos and engaging video walkthroughs that showcase your property's best features.
  • What does your fee structure look like?
    Our fees are based on a percentage of the gross rental income. We also offer custom packages based on your specific needs. Here is a link to our fees packages.
  • How do you manage utility bills in HMOs?
    Our all-inclusive model simplifies HMOs. We handle all utilities - energy, water, broadband - with costs built into the rent. This appeals to tenants (no bill surprises) and landlords (no chasing individual payments).
  • Are there additional fees for property maintenance?
    We handle routine maintenance within the management fee and pass on any contractor payments to the landlord by deducting from rent. Major repairs and renovations will incur additional charges which is normally a % of the renovation cost with a standard minimum as outlined on our Management Fees and Packages.
  • How do you determine the best rental price for my property?
    We perform a market analysis, consider property conditions, and evaluate local demand to set competitive rental prices. We monitor prices in the area from the lowest to highest and what determines those prices. For example, Area, style of house, proximity to services and amenities as an example.
  • When and how do I receive my rental income?
    Rental income is processed monthly and will be transferred to your nominated bank account after deducting our management fee. Statements are received on the 8th of every month and funds normally arrive in your bank by 10th of every month.
  • Can you handle evictions?
    Yes, we manage the eviction process from serving notices to coordinating with legal services, ensuring compliance with local laws. The legal, court and bailiff costs of evictions is borne by the landlord.
  • Do you take deposits from tenants
    Yes, we take a £75-£150 deposit. It's enough to encourage tenant responsibility without deterring good applicants. We protect these in government-backed schemes and provide certificates, ensuring compliance with the Tenant Fees Act.
  • What happens if a tenant fails to pay rent on time?
    We follow a structured process that includes reminders, direct communication, and if necessary, legal proceedings to ensure rent collection.
  • What types of tenants do you accept?
    Our primary market is working professionals, who appreciate our quality HMOs. However, our diverse network includes corporate clients needing staff housing, charities, and social housing providers. This mix maximizes occupancy and allows us to pivot to the most profitable opportunities.
  • Can you provide tenancy agreements and deposit certificates?
    Absolutely. We use Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreements, customized to HMO specifics. You and tenants get digital copies. Deposit certificates, prescribed information, and 'How to Rent' guides are also provided digitally, ensuring full legal compliance.
  • Do you provide tenant referencing?
    Yes, it's crucial. We use a leading agency for comprehensive checks: credit history, employment verification, previous landlord references, and right-to-rent. For professionals, we often liaise with employers. Our rigorous process means rent arrears and property damage is minimal.
  • Do you conduct property inspections?
    We conduct regular inspections to ensure the property is well-maintained and to assess any repair needs. This is part of our on going objective to ensure your property is compliant with the most recent legislation.
  • Can you manage tenant changeovers?
    Absolutely. Our streamlined process minimizes voids. We conduct thorough outgoing inspections, arrange any needed repairs or cleaning, then re-market quickly. Often, we pre-let to new tenants, sometimes achieving same-day turnarounds.
  • How do you screen potential tenants?
    Our screening process includes credit checks, employment verification, bank statement review, proof of income and landlord references.
  • How do you ensure my property complies with current regulations?
    We stay updated with all local housing regulations and ensure your property meets all legal requirements, including health and safety certifications. Our Continual Professional Development ensures we are kept abreast of the frequent changes in the law and requirements on landlords.
  • Who handles legal disputes with tenants?
    Our management team handles all disputes under the guidance of local laws and in the best interest of our landlords.
  • What insurance do I need for my rental property?
    We recommend having comprehensive landlord insurance that covers building, contents, liability, and loss of rent.
  • What would be the key legislation in the UK related to landlords renting a property to a tenant or using it as an Airbnb include?
    1. The Housing Act 2004 - Sets standards for housing conditions in rental properties and provides a framework for local authorities to regulate the private rented sector. 2. The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 - Outlines requirements for landlords, including providing rent books, maintaining property safety, and allowing tenants to exercise certain rights. 3. The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 - Requires landlords to ensure rental properties are fit for human habitation throughout the tenancy. 4. The Deregulation Act 2015 - Introduced the "90-day rule" in Greater London, allowing short-term rentals for up to 90 days per year without planning permission. 5. The Tourism (Northern Ireland) Order 1992 - Requires landlords to obtain a certificate from Tourism Northern Ireland for providing tourist accommodation as a business. 6. Upcoming Renters Reform Bill (expected in 2024) - Aims to provide greater protection and power to tenants, including abolishing Section 21 evictions and introducing lifetime deposits. 7. Local council regulations - Many cities and regions in the UK, such as Scotland, have specific licensing requirements and conditions for short-term rentals like Airbnb. It's important to note that landlords must also comply with safety regulations, such as gas safety, fire safety, and energy performance certificates, as well as obtain necessary permissions from mortgage providers, landlords, or freeholders. Further legislation Housing Act 2004 Summary: Introduces licensing for HMOs, requirements for property conditions, and the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS). Read more on the UK Government website Deregulation Act 2015 Summary: Affects the rights concerning the eviction of tenants and protection of tenancy deposits. Read more on the UK Government website HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation) HMO Licensing (Housing Act 2004) Summary: Requires landlords to obtain a license for larger HMOs, ensuring adequate facilities and safety measures are in place. Read more on the UK Government website Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation Regulations 2006 Summary: Outlines the management duties for HMOs, including maintenance and fire safety requirements. Read more on the UK Government website Serviced Accommodations (such as Airbnb) The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 Summary: Requires fire safety risk assessments and appropriate fire safety measures for all non-domestic properties, including serviced accommodations. Read more on the UK Government website Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 Summary: Protects consumers from unfair business practices and ensures all commercial practices are fair and transparent, relevant for those marketing serviced accommodations. Read more on the UK Government website General Legislation Affecting All Types of Rental Properties Right to Rent Checks (Immigration Act 2014 & 2016) Summary: Requires landlords to check the immigration status of their tenants to ensure they have the right to reside in the UK legally. Read more on the UK Government website Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 Summary: Requires landlords to have gas appliances checked annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Read more on the UK Government website Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 Summary: Requires landlords to ensure that electrical installations are inspected and tested by a qualified person at least every five years. Read more on the UK Government website
  • How often do you inspect properties?
    We conduct formal, documented inspections at least twice yearly, covering everything from appliance function to decor condition. Additionally, our staff do informal checks during their regular visits for meter readings, maintenance, etc. This vigilance nips issues in the bud, maintaining property standards.
  • How can I increase my rental yield?
    We can advise on and manage property improvements, optimise rental strategies, and enhance tenant retention to increase your yield. We have particular strategies in place that have worked successfully in the target area. Strategies can vary from property to property depending on different variables.
  • How often will I get updates about my property?
    You will receive monthly financial reports or statements and immediate updates of significant events affecting your property. We provide a quarterly property inspection and protection report.
  • Can you provide market updates for specific areas?
    Absolutely. Our team have been managing HMO and SA rentals for 10+ years and can talk to you about demand trends, void periods and rental rate changes. This intel helps you make informed portfolio decisions.
  • Can you assist with property sales or purchases?
    Indeed. For sales, we can minimize disruption to tenants and sell tenant properties to other investors. For purchases, we offer HMO-specific due diligence - assessing conversion potential, licensing likelihood, even tenant transferability. In a recent case, a client bought an existing HMO and retained 4 out of 5 tenants, eliminating voids.
  • What happens if I want to end my contract with you?
    You can end your contract with notice as specified in our agreement, typically requiring 2 months depending on the services provided.
  • What is your approach to property maintenance and repairs?
    We prioritise preventive maintenance to minimize costs and respond promptly to repair requests to keep tenants satisfied and protect your investment. Our objective is to keep tenants secure and comfortable during their stay and at the same time being compliant with the most recent legislation.
  • Can I sell my property with tenants in place?
    Yes, we can facilitate the sale of tenanted properties, ensuring a smooth transition for you and the tenants. We have other landlords that are keen to expand their portfolio and facilitate ‘off market sales’.
  • Do you work with surveyors and valuers?
    Frequently. We coordinate access, often attending ourselves to provide HMO-specific insights surveyors might miss. For valuations, we supply detailed income data and local market analysis. Our input has helped secure better mortgage terms and higher valuations.
  • Can you help with HMO licensing?
    Definitely. HMO licensing is complex and area-specific. We handle it all - application, property inspections, liaising with councils. Our 100% success rate in securing HMO licenses comes from our deep understanding of local regulations and strong council relationships. We ensure full compliance, avoiding hefty fines.
  • How do you handle compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for tenant data?
    We adhere strictly to GDPR guidelines by ensuring all tenant data is stored securely and used only for the purposes agreed upon, with proper tenant consent.
  • What are the specific compliance requirements for HMO properties?
    HMO properties must meet specific safety standards, including fire safety regulations, minimum room sizes, and adequate facilities for the number of tenants. We ensure all HMOs are licensed appropriately and comply with these regulations. We are able to assist with all aspects of this compliance for new owners.
  • How do I know if my property is classified as an HMO?
    A property is typically classified as an HMO if at least three tenants live there, forming more than one household, and they share toilet, bathroom, or kitchen facilities.
  • Are there different regulations for Serviced Apartments or Houses?
    Serviced apartments are generally treated as commercial properties under short-term lets, which may have different tax implications and regulatory standards compared to long-term residential rentals. For houses we use HMO regulations as a safeguard since it forms a high bar in terms of safety.
  • Can you provide advice on property investment?
    Yes, we offer investment advisory services to help you identify profitable opportunities, analyze market trends, and make informed decisions about buying, selling and managing your portfolio.
  • How can I make my property more attractive to potential tenants?
    We can advise on and oversee improvements, from simple décor updates to full renovations, ensuring your property appeals to the right tenant demographic. As the market for HMO rooms and Service Accommodation becomes more and more competitive, the area of design and functionality becomes ever more important.
  • What support do you offer for landlords from abroad?
    For international landlords, we offer comprehensive management services, ensuring your property is effectively managed without needing your constant presence. Over the years we have specialised in supporting overseas landlords and keeping them abreast through reports, blogs and podcasts on what is happening locally and nationally.
  • Do you offer any training or resources for new landlords?
    We provide resources and training sessions covering various aspects of property ownership and expansion, helping you understand your responsibilities and how to maximize your investment. Senior Managers within the team have years of coaching experience for new, small and large landlords.
  • Can you help source investment properties?
    Yes, our local knowledge is invaluable. We analyze areas for HMO demand & price trends. We've even pre-empted 'Article 4' HMO restrictions, guiding clients to upcoming hotspots. Last year, we sourced a 5-bed that our client converted to a 7-bed HMO, boosting yield from 6% to 12%.
  • Is there a limit to how many properties you can manage for one landlord?
    No, we can scale our services to manage any number of properties you own, providing the same level of detail and attention to each.
  • What should I consider when expanding my property portfolio?
    Consider diversification by location and property type, evaluate the financial health of your current portfolio, and assess market conditions to identify growth opportunities. Medium and Long term goals are important to consider when expanding your portfolio along with the management.
  • How can you assist me with buying more properties?
    We provide market analysis, identify potential properties, assist with negotiations, and manage due diligence processes to ensure a smooth acquisition. We have off market property deals normally from existing landlords seeking a quiet sale. Speak to us if you want to be added to the waitlist here.
  • How do you handle rent collection and statements?
    You receive detailed statements on the 8th, itemizing income, expenditure, and our fee.
  • How do you ensure transparency in billing and fees?
    We provide detailed monthly statements that outline all charges and expenses, ensuring you have a clear understanding of where your money is going. Any disbursements are available on request.
  • What are the typical costs associated with property management?
    Our management fees starts from 12.5% up to 20% of the monthly rental income, depending on the services included. Additional fees for tenant placement, major renovations may apply along with other services depending in the package chosen.
  • What if a tenant wants to terminate their term early?
    We handle negotiations to find the best solution, for a replacement tenant to minimise disruption to your income.
  • What happens if I want to convert my property into an HMO?
    We can assist with the entire process, from planning the layout to obtaining the necessary licensing, project managing and ensuring compliance with all local regulations. There are many considerations here and we can provide hands on advice to steer you through what can sometimes be a daunting process.
  • What if my property remains vacant for an extended period?
    We implement aggressive marketing strategies and advise on potential improvements to reduce vacancy periods and attract tenants.
  • What if I encounter financial difficulties and need to sell a property quickly?
    We can facilitate a quick sale by leveraging our network if investors and landlords to find interested buyers and expedite the sales process while aiming to maximise your return.
  • What additional support do you provide to overseas landlords?
    We handle all aspects of property management, including compliance with local laws, tenant management, and maintenance, plus we can arrange payment of local utilities if needed.
  • How do you manage properties for landlords who are based overseas?
    We offer a full management service for overseas landlords, including regular updates, digital access to financial reports, and virtual tours of property conditions to ensure your investments are well looked after regardless of your location.
  • Can you help me lease my property to a charity or housing association?
    Absolutely, we can assist in finding reputable charities and housing associations looking for properties, negotiate the terms, and manage the lease agreement on your behalf.
  • How do you work with charities and housing associations?
    We collaborate with various organisations to provide them with suitable properties for their needs, handling all aspects of lease management and maintenance. Many of these leases can be up to 10 years requiring the landlord commitment to works needed, negotiations which we are able to comfortably handle.
  • What support do you provide for emergency situations in serviced accommodations?
    We provide 24/7 support for any emergencies, ensuring rapid response to protect both guests and the property.
  • How do you ensure high occupancy rates for serviced accommodations?
    We employ dynamic pricing strategies, effective marketing, and maintain high standards of hospitality to attract and retain guests.
  • What services do you offer for managing serviced accommodations?
    We manage all aspects of serviced accommodation, including property listings, guest communications, bookings through platforms like Airbnb,, and Expedia, and on-site services.
  • How can you assist if I’m developing a property for the first time?
    We guide you through the entire process, from planning and design to completion, ensuring all aspects of your project meet industry standards and regulations. We can also provide mentoring services prior to the acquisition or throughout the development process as required.
  • What kind of project management services do you offer for property developments?
    We offer advisory and oversight services for small property developments, including scheduling, contractor management, cost estimation, and compliance checks, liaising with architects and Build Control.
  • Can you handle the regulatory compliance for redevelopment projects?
    We ensure all redevelopment projects comply with local planning and building regulations, and we can coordinate with local authorities for necessary approvals and inspections.
  • Do you provide regular reports on the progress of development projects?
    Yes, we provide detailed progress reports at each stage of the project, along with financial summaries pictures and next steps.
  • What support do you offer for making an offer on a property?
    We assist with property valuation, making competitive offers, and negotiating terms that are in your best interest. We also handle follow-up communications to ensure a smooth acquisition process.
  • Can you share success stories of other first-time landlords?
    Yes, we can provide case studies of successful projects we’ve managed, highlighting the challenges faced and the strategies that led to their success, giving you insights and confidence in your own investment journey. You can also listen to relevant episodes of our podcast. Please click Podcast on the bar at the top of this page
  • What resources do you provide to showcase your previous projects?
    We have a comprehensive media folder available upon request, which includes case studies, before-and-after photos, and testimonials that highlight our capabilities and successes.
  • How do you conduct portfolio analysis for future planning?
    We evaluate your entire portfolio to identify opportunities for growth, risk mitigation, and increased efficiency, helping you plan strategically for the future of your investments. A property that was a good idea at the time may not fit the bill today. We also assess cost of holding each property in the portfolio along with potential for capital growth.
  • What is involved in your site visit services?
    Our site visits encompass detailed assessments of the property's condition, recommendations for improvements, and checks to ensure ongoing projects adhere to planned specifications and quality standards. The most important considerations will be highlighted in line with your property plans and goals.
  • Can you assist with the conversion of buildings into HMOs or serviced accommodations?
    Absolutely, our team specializes in managing and developing properties from small HMOs to larger complex ones. We handle all aspects of conversion, ensuring compliance with regulations and optimizing the layout for maximum profitability. We work with a team of builders and contractors with who we have years of experience.
  • What ongoing support do you provide after I purchase my property?
    We offer continuous advisory support, including property management, tenant placement, and regular reviews and inspections to ensure your investment remains sound and profitable.
  • How do you assist with financial calculations for investment properties?
    We provide detailed financial modelling services that include cash flow analysis, expense forecasting, and return on investment calculations to help you make informed decisions.
  • Can you help with property acquisition analysis?
    Yes, we provide thorough analysis including market trends, financial performance, and return on investment projections to ensure any new property acquisition aligns with your strategic goals.
  • What area visits do you conduct for potential investors?
    We conduct site visits to assess the property’s condition, its neighbourhood, and local market conditions. This helps in ensuring the area meets your investment criteria and expected tenant demographics.
  • Can you help me understand the legal requirements for setting up a serviced accommodation unit?
    Yes, we guide you through the specific legal requirements for serviced accommodations, including licensing, safety regulations, and the tax implications of short-term rentals.
  • What makes your service accommodation units stand out?
    Our serviced accommodations are designed to offer comfort and convenience, from smartly designed spaces to full-service management, ensuring guests have a memorable stay which enhances occupancy rates. We are clever with the use of colour and feel when guests arrive.
  • How do you approach interior design for rental properties?
    Our interior design services are tailored to create attractive, functional living spaces that enhance tenant satisfaction and command higher rents. We focus on durable, cost-effective solutions that are specific to the rental market. We take into account the area and demographic so as we meet and exceed your target markets expectations. Future proofing is also important in our planning and design.
  • What project management services do you provide?
    We offer comprehensive project management from inception to completion, including overseeing contractors, ensuring adherence to timelines and budgets, and handling all regulatory compliance issues. If it so happens the project is too large or we are at capacity we will recommend quality project managers for you to choose.
  • How do you maximize income for HMO landlords?
    We focus on optimizing the design and adding facilities such as en-suites, high-quality communal areas, and additional amenities that allow for higher rental rates and improved tenant retention. We also have additional strategies that are proprietary to ourselves.
  • What should I consider when choosing my first HMO property?
    Consider the property’s location, proximity to key amenities, local demand for shared housing, and regulatory requirements for HMOs. We assist you with all these aspects, including conducting feasibility studies and profitability analysis.
  • How can you help me ensure my property is profitable?
    Our services include ongoing profitability analysis, helping you to optimize rental income, reduce operating costs, and make strategic upgrades that enhance property value.
  • How can I prepare for my first tenant in an HMO or serviced accommodation?
    We guide you through setting up your property, from furnishing and decorating to implementing management systems, ensuring you comply with all regulations and are ready for occupancy.
  • How can you assist with negotiating new long-term leases?
    Our expertise includes negotiating leases that protect the landlord’s interests while being attractive to long-term tenants, balancing competitive rates with the stability and profitability of your investment. It’s a specialist sector with a variety of long term tenants that have different requirements and needs.
  • What additional services do you offer to enhance my property’s value?
    We offer services like interior design, detailed project management for conversions and renovations, and expert advice on maximizing your property's appeal and functionality to increase its market value. We can walk through your portfolio and how it aligns with your goal and also discuss other potential property strategies for short, medium and long term planning.
  • I'm new to property investment; how can your advisory services help me start?
    We provide comprehensive guidance tailored to new investors, including financial calculations, area visits, and assistance in selecting the right property to fit your goals. Our experience as landlords ourselves ensures you get practical and actionable advice.
  • Can I receive a custom quote for any of these services?
    Absolutely, we offer personalized quotes based on your specific needs and the scope of the services you are interested in. Contact us directly or book an appointment on our calendar to discuss your project and how we can assist.
  • How quickly can you start managing my property?
    Once our management agreement is signed, we move swiftly to either start the project management process or begin finding suitable tenants, depending on your property's readiness. If you are currently with another agent it does depend on the speed of the agent passing over information, keys for example.
  • Do you recommend service providers for property development?
    Yes, we provide recommendations for trusted service providers including insurance and mortgage brokers, solicitors, valuers, building control inspectors, and contractors. This is a complimentary part of our service to ensure your project's success.
  • How do we start working together?
    The process begins with a phone or zoom conversation to understand your needs, followed by a property visit to assess the situation and make any necessary recommendations. We then suggest a management package that fits your level of involvement. Please book in our calendar or call us direct to make an appointment for an initial discussion
  • What is included in your management agreement?
    Our management agreement outlines the specific services we will provide, the fees, and the terms of our engagement. It's designed to ensure transparency and mutual understanding before any work begins. Please click here for more information.
  • How can you assist if I’m unsure about the level of service I need?
    We can provide a detailed consultation to discuss the various service levels we offer and recommend the best option based on your goals, budget, and how hands-on or hands-off you wish to be.
  • What platforms do you use for serviced accommodation bookings?
    We actively list and manage bookings through all major platforms such as Airbnb,, and Expedia to maximize exposure and occupancy. Our properties also appear on a number of smaller platforms.
  • Can you manage properties that are not yet ready for tenants?
    Yes, we can oversee the preparation of your property, from minor renovations to major overhauls, to ensure it meets market standards and is appealing to potential tenants or guests.
  • What type of tenants do you typically attract for HMOs?
    Our HMO properties primarily attract working professionals, predominantly blue-collar workers, but we also cater to white-collar professionals from time to time.
  • What markets do you cater to with your serviced accommodation?
    During the week, our serviced accommodations often host contractors, while on weekends, they are popular with visitors and tourists exploring the area.
  • How do you determine the management fee for serviced accommodations?
    Management fees range from 15% to 25%, depending on the level of service required. The fee structure is designed to cover the comprehensive management and operational services we provide.
  • What services are included in your serviced accommodation management?
    Our services include cleaning, linen services, maintenance, and meet and greet operations to ensure a high-quality guest experience.
  • Can you explain the recent updates to Fire Risk Assessments?
    Recent updates to Fire Risk Assessments require more rigorous checks and documentation, particularly for HMOs and multi-occupancy buildings. We assist in conducting these assessments, ensuring all fire safety measures are up to date and documented according to the latest regulations. Regulations have been updated ever since the Grenfell Tower fire in London. All buildings large or small have been affected.
  • What should I know about the changes to the Right to Rent scheme?
    Changes to the Right to Rent scheme may include adjustments in the documentation accepted and the process of checking tenant eligibility. We provide up-to-date information and support in conducting Right to Rent checks to ensure compliance with immigration laws. We receive constant updates as changes are made by the relevant Government departments.
  • What about fire safety and risk assessments?
    Fire safety is non-negotiable. Our in-house experts can offer comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) annually or after any layout changes. We also handle all compliance: fire doors, alarms, extinguishers, emergency lighting, signage. Our proactive approach has prevented incidents and passes council inspection.
  • What are the recent changes in the HHSRS, and what do I need to do?
    The HHSRS has undergone revisions aimed at improving housing safety and standards. Changes may include new assessment criteria or enhanced inspections. We can conduct a comprehensive review of your properties to ensure they meet the updated safety standards.
  • How are updates to the Housing Act relevant to my properties?
    Updates to the Housing Act often involve amendments in tenant rights, safety regulations, and landlord responsibilities. We keep you informed of any changes that affect your property management duties and help ensure your properties meet all legal requirements.
  • Can you assist with the legal documentation required for compliance?
    Yes, we can help prepare or review all required legal documentation, from tenancy agreements to compliance reports, ensuring they meet current legal standards, reducing the risk of penalties. These questions will highlight the complexities of property management while presenting your services as a valuable solution for landlords.
  • How will these legislative changes impact my current tenancies?
    Depending on the specific changes, your current tenancies may need adjustments to rental agreements or property management practices. We offer personalised advice to ensure all your tenancies remain compliant without disrupting your rental operations. Please listen to our podcast which discusses recent changes and what affects this will have on landlords.
  • What is the Renters Reform Bill, and how does it affect landlords?
    The Renters Reform Bill proposes significant changes, including abolishing "no-fault" evictions under Section 21, improving the process for landlords to regain possession when needed, and introducing a lifetime deposit for tenants. We provide guidance on how to navigate these changes and ensure your rental agreements are compliant. Please click here for more details of this major change in legislation.
  • How do you ensure compliance with all these regulations for my properties?
    We conduct regular audits and inspections, provide updates on legislative changes, and recommend necessary adjustments to your property management strategy. Our comprehensive compliance services help you navigate the complexities of property law effectively. The compliance list have grown over the years and risks of fines have increased.
  • What proactive measures can I take to prepare for future legislative changes?
    Staying proactive involves regular reviews of your property management policies and keeping abreast of legislative developments. We cover much of the future legislation that are discussed or have become law in our podcasts; often with expert speakers.
  • How do you handle legal disputes with tenants?
    We manage all aspects of tenant relations, including dispute resolution in line with legal standards. This mitigates the risk of costly legal issues and ensures fair and professional handling of any conflicts. We typically communicate with tenants and attempt to resolve long before it.
  • How do changes in property legislation over the past five years affect me?
    The last five years have seen significant legislative changes impacting tenant rights, safety standards, and landlord responsibilities. Staying unaware of these changes can lead to non-compliance, jeopardising both your financial standing and legal position. There has also been changes in tax legislation for landlords.
  • What if I am not up-to-date with the latest property laws?
    If you're not up-to-date, you risk breaches that could lead to legal penalties. Our service ensures you remain compliant, as we continuously monitor and implement changes in property legislation on your behalf.
  • What risks do I face if I choose to self-manage my properties?
    Self-managing landlords face the risks of non-compliance with ever-changing property laws, potential fines for violations, and the personal time required to manage properties effectively. These can include substantial financial penalties for failing to meet HMO licensing requirements or fire safety regulations. There have been a number of high profile cases of landlords been fines up to 6 figures for non compliance and poor practices.
  • What is the impact of non-compliance on my reputation as a landlord?
    Non-compliance can severely damage your reputation, making it difficult to attract quality tenants and potentially leading to legal disputes. Professional management helps maintain a high standard of compliance, preserving your reputation in the market. One of the changes in the Renters Reform Bill includes a register of Landlords which may or may not include a scoring system.
  • How does professional management help ensure compliance with safety regulations?
    We ensure that all properties meet or exceed safety regulations by conducting regular inspections, coordinating maintenance, and staying updated with legislative changes. This proactive approach significantly reduces the risk of non-compliance and associated fines. We can arrange all certificates on your behalf or you can do that yourself and send us a copy to confirm compliance. Depending on what management package you choose some of these services are included withing the management fee.
  • Can you outline the potential fines and penalties for non-compliance in property management?
    Non-compliance can lead to severe penalties. For instance, failure to comply with HMO licensing can result in fines of up to £30,000 per offense. Incorrect handling of tenant deposits can also lead to fines up to three times the deposit amount, and there are significant penalties for not adhering to fire safety regulations.
  • What certifications and checks are required for managing HMOs and serviced accommodations?
    The primary required certifications might include Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), Gas Safety Certificates, Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR), and fire safety assessments. Managing these certifications requires careful scheduling and record-keeping, which we handle comprehensively.
  • What are the pros and cons of using your services versus self-managing my HMO or serviced accommodation?
    Pros: With our services, you enjoy hands-off management, assured compliance with the latest legislation, and more free time to pursue other investments or high-value activities. Our expertise in managing properties ensures higher standards of tenant management and property upkeep. Cons: Using our services involves a management fee, which might be a consideration if you have the time and expertise to manage properties on your own. However, considering the complexity and legal requirements fines associated with poor property management today, the cost often justifies itself in terms of risk mitigation and peace of mind.
  • Are there specific advantages of using your services for serviced accommodations?
    Yes, our familiarity with the platforms and market trends, combined with our operational efficiency in managing bookings, maintenance, and guest services, enhances profitability and reduces the hassle for property owners. Service Accommodation very hands on if you have not this before. Renters are there for shorter periods and have higher expectations.
  • How does using a property management service save me time?
    Using our service frees you from the day-to-day tasks of property management, such as tenant screening, maintenance coordination, and compliance checks. This allows you to focus more on strategic activities like portfolio expansion and new investments. We do not contact you unless absolutely necessary relating to the property.
  • How is the capital returned in a joint venture project?
    Every project tis unique but generally speaking after the property is developed and rented, it is often refinanced. The refinancing process allows us to return the initial capital to the JV partner while leaving the property as a shared investment, continuing to generate profits.
  • What kind of returns can I expect from a joint venture project?
    Returns vary based on the property type, location, and market conditions. However, JV partners typically enjoy a steady rental income and share in the property's capital growth, which accumulates over the years. We always provide financial projections at an early stage to show potential returns.
  • How do you select properties for joint venture projects?
    We select properties based on rigorous criteria including market demand, potential for appreciation, and suitability for development. Our in-depth analysis ensures that we choose properties that align with our strategic goals and profit expectations.
  • What happens if I want to exit a joint venture project?
    We structure each JV agreement with exit strategies in mind. Options typically include selling the property or buying out the JV partner’s stake, depending on the terms agreed upon. We would not normally enter into a JV project if the prospective partner is not looking at less than a 5 year involvement.
  • Can I be involved in managing the joint venture property?
    While we handle day-to-day management, JV partners are welcome to be as involved as they wish in decisions regarding property strategy and key financial matters. A separate company is normally established which facilitate shareholder and director arrangements.
  • Are there any risks involved in joint venture projects?
    As with any investment, risks include market fluctuations and property value changes. However, our extensive experience and careful market analysis mitigate these risks. We ensure properties selected for JVs have strong potential for income and growth.
  • What are the benefits of entering a joint venture project with your company?
    JV partners benefit from our expertise in property management and development without the need for hands-on involvement. They enjoy regular income from rent and long-term capital appreciation, with minimal or no ongoing financial input after the initial investment. We handle all the hands on work from acquisition through to legals, renovation, project management and once completed refinance and rentals.
  • What is the typical duration of a joint venture project before I see a return on my investment?
    The timeline can vary, but typically, JV partners start seeing returns through rental income immediately after the property is rented out, and capital is usually returned following the refinancing process within a few years.
  • What are joint venture projects, and how do they work with your company?
    Joint ventures in property investment involve partnering where we handle the property sourcing, development, and management, while the JV partner provides the capital. This partnership aims to mutually benefit from rental returns and capital growth, with the capital typically being returned to the investor after refinancing. A separate jointly held company is normally established and agreements handled through specialist solicitors.
  • How do you ensure transparency in joint venture projects?
    Transparency is key in our JV projects. We provide regular updates, detailed reports on property performance, and clear financial statements to ensure our partners are well-informed about their investments. All aspects are agreed with partners in advance.
  • How do you handle tenant-caused damages?
    : Our approach balances fairness with tenant relations. We document all damage during our inspections. Minor issues are often resolved through tenant education. For significant damage, we use deposits judiciously, obtain competitive repair quotes, and can even pursue legal action if needed. Our clear processes mean we recover costs without losing tenants.
  • How do you handle property maintenance and repairs?
    Our in-house maintenance team swiftly handles minor repairs, often same-day. For major issues, we leverage our network of vetted, trade-specific contractors.
  • Do you manage cleaning and refuse?
    Yes, it's key to a quality HMO. We schedule regular cleaning of communal areas, ensuring a pleasant, hygienic environment. For refuse, we manage bin rotations, recycling, and liaisons with local councils. This service prevents penalties and keeps your property attractive.
  • Can you help declutter communal areas?
    Absolutely. Clutter can breach fire regulations and deter tenants. We have a zero-tolerance policy. We notify tenants to remove personal items from shared spaces by a deadline. If needed, we arrange professional removal. This keeps your HMO safe, legal, and attractive.
  • How do you address issues like condensation and mold?
    It's a common HMO issue we tackle proactively. We educate tenants on ventilation and heating use. We provide mold-resistant paint and cleaning solutions. For persistent problems, we investigate root causes - maybe a faulty extractor fan or poor insulation - and fix them, preserving your property and tenant health.
  • Can you inform tenants about maintenance work or inspections?
    Absolutely. Clear, timely communication is key to our tenant satisfaction rates. We notify tenants in advance about all visits, detailing the nature of work, expected duration, and any preparations needed. This transparency fosters trust, reduces complaints, and maintains our high tenant retention rates.
  • Can you manage larger projects, like garage removals or roof repairs?
    Absolutely. We've managed everything from garage conversions to full roof replacements. We handle planning permissions, coordinate with specialized contractors, and oversee projects to completion. Our project management ensures quality, timely delivery, and often, value-adding improvements to your property.
  • Can you manage refurbishments or upgrades?
    Absolutely. From installing smart thermostats to full-scale refurbishments, we manage it all. Our project management expertise ensures quality work, timely completion, and cost-effectiveness. We focus on upgrades that maximize rental yields and attract premium tenants, enhancing your long-term returns.
  • How do you ensure cleaning standards are met?
    We use a multi-layered approach. Tenants rate cleaning weekly on a 1-10 scale, giving immediate feedback. Our staff also assess during regular visits. If standards slip, we address it with the cleaning team, re-train, or replace swiftly.
  • Do you handle emergency repairs?
    Yes, with our 24/7 emergency line and in-house maintenance team. Whether it's a leak, power outage, or heating failure, we're on it. This rapid response prevents minor issues from becoming costly damages, protecting your property and keeping tenants safe and satisfied.
  • Do you handle garden maintenance?
    Yes, we manage all exterior spaces. Regular tasks like lawn mowing and hedge trimming are scheduled. We can also advise on low-maintenance landscaping to reduce costs. A well-kept exterior boosts curb appeal, impresses tenants, and shows neighbors you're a responsible landlord.
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